Prof. Dinesh P. Chapagain
Dinesh Chapagain
  • छेपारो (Lizard)


    blooming apple tree . . .

    lizard dances

  • असिना (Snow balls)

    heavy hailstorm . . .

    ripen harvest

    turns to litter

  • स्थान्तरण (Transit)

    rainy night . . .

    cicada is suddenly quite

    at rooster crowing

  • आशक्ति (craving)

    October evening . . .

    dogs on back-to-back

    soul embracing

  • पिँजडा (Cage)

    at studio . . .

    a mouse is trapped

    an abstract art

  • पानी छेपुवा (Dragon Fly)

    dragon-fly . . .

    after laying eggs

    sun bath

  • छठ पर्व (Chhath festival)

    Chhath  sunset . . .

    dissolving consciousness

    returns again

  • भाईटिका (Brothers Festival)

    brothers festival . . .

    worshiping human

    as statute of God

  • गोवर्धन पूजा (Govardhan Pooja)

    nature frontier

    worships earth and body . . .

    on new year

  • गाई तिहार (Cow Festival)

    cow worship . . .

    petit passes through

    got slapped

  • कुकुर तिहार (Dog Festival)

    worshiped dog

    full tommy and sleepy . . .

    fire crackers

  • काग तिहार (Crow Festival)

    pigions came . . .

    untouched meat at porch

    crow has not come

  • तृष्णा (Desires)

    leaving ...

    Fishtail mountain

    for foreign land

  • बैदेशीक रोजगार (Foreign Job)

    village apple . . .

    craving fruits from far

    sweetheart flees

  • कोजाग्रत पूर्णिमा (Kojagrat Poornima)

    Autumn full moon . . .

    drinking and gambling

    empty lane

  • दशैँ (Dasain Festival)

    azure sky . . .

    vivacious kites

    no letters

  • इन्द्र जात्रा (Indrajatra Festival)

    lonely she

    lifelong virgin . . .

    swarm of people

  • अन्धविश्वास (Blind Faith)

    Teej  festival

    singing and dancing -

    special she is

  • एक्ली आमा (Lonely mother)

    lonely mother . . .

    after the river entered

    desolated village

  • हवाइजहाज (Airplane)

    water farms . . .

    couldnot fly

    in rainy season

  • निराशापन (Hopelessness)

    bursted cloud

    nutty streams are tossing . . .

    the sun is alone

  • Owl (उल्लु)

    full moon . . .

    why owl is scary

                 on eclipse ?

  • माया (Love)

    single umbrella . . .

    our gossip today

    wet allover

  • झिँगा (Fly)

    early sunshine -

    a fly gliding on

    my i-pad

  • ध्यान (Meditation)

    deep meditation

    in a  summer dawn . . .

    dragonfly in the nose

  • क्षितिज (Horizon)

    two sisters . . .

    ascertain horizon at

    dust and dawn !

  • हरियो क्यानभास (Green Canvas)


    on green canvas -

    happy students

  • पार-मृत्यु (Post-death)

    mountain path . . .

    soldier marching of ants

    cockroach lying on back

  • तृष्णा (Longing)

    June end :

    no rice planting songs heard

    water in a net basket

  • भोटोजात्रा (Bhotojatra)

    water scarcity :

    someone displays

    Naga its inner vest !

  • चट्याङ (Thunderstorm)

    scared mum

    enters the room:

    baby doll is in deep sleep

  • अँध्यारोमा मस्ती (Dark enjoyment)

    a narrow pub:

    at poet conference

    intrusion of cockroaches

  • घाम छायाँ (sunshine and shadow)

    hailstorm :

    sparrows flew for shelter

    furious sunshine !

  • अस्पताल - २ (Hospital - 2)

    blank sky . . .

    a pigeon aims up

    at hospital

  • अस्पताल -१ (Hospital -1)

    at hospital .  .  .

    the fortnightly life

    Jacaranda  bloom !

  • झुटा जवानी (False youth)

    old-age youth ...

    loosing I am

    cold month !

  • साकुरा ५ (Sakura 5 )

    inside shrine ---

    sakura trees

    embracing eachother !

  • साकुरा ४ (Sakura 4)

    moonlight night .....

    sakura   lights

    at my courtyard !

  • साकुरा बर्षात (Sakura Rain)

    spring rain .....

    sakura  pouring

    left umbrella !

  • साकुरा-२ (Sakura-2)

    pink moon....

    sky is invisible

    sakura n sakura !

  • साकुरा १ (Sakura 1)

    mild sun ...

    waiting a kiss of


  • तामबारा (Tambara)

    snow blooming

    spring already here ......

    sliding down !

  • बसन्त (Spring)

    Spring season

    leaves n butterfly :

    down and above !

  • वसन्त पूर्व (Pre-spring)

    Still cold here,

    at Sakura jungle -

    plum blossoms !

  • जाडो गएछ (No more winter)

    Winter gone :

    sound of leaves

    on the road !

  • Jungle pond (जङ्गली पोखरी)

    Mid jungle

    pond - leaves fell


  • फागुने पानी (February Rain)

    mango flowers :

    suddenly rained

    its destiny !

  • (दिग्भ्रमित) Paradoxial

    spreading aroma

    flower getting naked :

    no more nest !

  • बन्धन (Bondage)

    flower blossoms

    within periphery of garden -

    shivering weather !

  • झर्दो पात (Falling leaves)

    Cold wave -

    as unclaimed corpse

    leaves are dropping !

  • झिसमिसे पानी (Morning Rain)

    Without invitation

    coming the rain -

    morning walk ?

  • वासना (Aroma)

    Across that hill :

    the aroma of butter n cake

    Maghe Sankranti

  • ईश्वरत्व (Divinity)

    The blue wave

    coloured sky -

    who is the painter ?

  • मृग तृष्णा (Illusion)

    Speachless wave
    came touched and went away :
    white sand !

  • शुभ नयाँ वर्ष (Happy New Year)

    Oh New Year :

    Hot and soft -

    same universe !

  • क्रिसमस साँझ (Cristmas Eve)

    Snowing outside :

    Garden Buddha turned to

    Santa Claus !

  • धन्यबाद दिवश (Thanks Giving Day

    Snowing outside :

    Let us sit near firepot

    drink and eat !

  • आन्दोलन (Revolution)

    Cold December

    revolution going here -

    blessed we are !

  • नाङ्गले चन्द्र (Super Moon)

    Super moon ;

    moving as usual

    alone in solace

  • चाउरी (wrinkled)

    Blossoming on

    Oh! discarded that

    wrinkled skin ! 

  • लालुपाते (Lalupate Flower)

    There in the garden -
    red tinting on the leaf
    autumn gone !

  • सपना (Dream)

    Was on bliss

    dream blown away

    with a crow of cock !

  • पर्वहरू (Festivals)

    Crowding festivals

    in-between Dasain & Chhath -

    in this town !

  • अंकुस (Hook)

    Knot somewhere?

    She was floating -

    Cha Cha huiya !

  • सुसेली (Whistle)

    Peak of the hill -

    swinging in a bamboo swing

    whistling sound !

  • शक्ति केन्द्र (Energy Center)

    Goddess of energy

    positivity - at all seven

    energy centers !

  • सुकुमबासी (Homeless)

    Cloud bursted !

    on the bank of Bagmati river -

    tears of budhda

  • संविधान दिवश (Constitution Day)

    Morning tea -

    drank with a sound

    a dragon fly !

  • बिछोड (Seperation)

    On demise

    body turned to ashes

    soul not burnt !

  • समाधी (Bliss)

    Buddha full-moon :

    nobody in-between

    peace and me

  • लुकामारी (Hide and Seek)

    Rainy morning :

    where gone the peace

    beyond the cloud

  • छायाँ (Shadow)

    Neat sky

    looking at the base -

    similar form !

  • धुवाँ (Smoke)

    Pain of abscess

    The mother is crying -

    Black cloud !

  • मृत्यु पश्चातको समय (Time post-death)

    Long after her death

    I entered her room -

    Clock is still moving !

  • चक्र (Cycle)

    Night was just peeping

    Extremely hot season -

    Oh! it is day time !

  • राता मकै (Red Corn)

    Monsoon rain

    Difficult to hold -

    A hungry mind !

  • अवतरण (Falls)

    Top of the falls

    Water was seen once -

    Suddenly fell down !

  • अदृष्यता (Invisibility)

    Dissolving all

    Water, earth and ether -

    like sugar water !

  • Mother (आमा)

    July rain

    Feeding them -

    Maternal love !

  • कोइली (Cuckoo)

    Kaphal  season

    Penetrating the dark night -

    Someone called !

  • प्याजी शिरीष (Purple Mimosa)

    Near the Palace

    The Clock tower has stopped-

    Purple Mimosa !

  • सगरमाथा (Mt. Everest)

    Tall men

    Bow down to look -

    Red moon !

  • बुढो शरीर (Old body)

    A barren land

    This old body -

    Ink has dried !

  • सूर्य चट्याङ्गमा (Sun in thunder)

    Thunder and rain

    Sun has come so near -

    Still it is dark !

  • आरूको बोट (Peach Tree)

    Early dawn

    Noises from Mynas -

    Peach has already ripen !

  • शिरीष फूल (Blue Mimosa)

    What else she did

    like blue mimosa -

    In four days !

  • आकाश तत्व (Space Element)

    Swinging high

    Empty and hollow like -

    On a bliss !

  • पृथ्वी तत्व (Earth element)

    In enormity

    Shepherds exploitation -

    Full satisfaction !

  • आगो तत्व (Fire Element)

    Colourful flame

    Unhappy and happiness both -

    Burnt away !

  • जल तत्व (Water element)

    Innocent love

    Craving to flow -
    One gift !

  • वायु तत्व (Air element)

    Seasonal stroke

    No outcome at all -

    New will arrive !

  • शीतल सिरक (Cool Quilt)

    Moon at window

    Slept covering myself, Oh!

    Cool touch !

  • आमा (Mother)

    Strong wind of March
    Difficult to save -
    New plants !

  • तिर्खाएको लोखर्के (Thirsty Squirrel)

    In a desert
    Wandering for water -
    Overhead bridge !

  • रोमाञ्चक बितेका दिन (Glorified past days)

    Past days
    At the evening in Park -
    Seven beauties !

  • हाट बजार (Hat Bazaar)

    Inside AC room
    Colourful bazaar -
    Money fragrance !

  • पातको स्वर (Sound of leaves)

    Spring peeped
    At morning walk -
    Sound of leaves !

  • पौडी खेलेको (Swimming)

    Month of February
    Jumped into a pond -
    Sound of water !

  • पाकेको पात (Burnt Leaves)

    By evening wind
    Nature wastes-scented
    Cooked leaves

  • हिउँदे फूल (Winter Flower)

    Without roots
    Vines with the pipe -
    Hot winter !

  • आतसबाजी (Fire Crackers)

    Thin ceremony
    Far beyond the mountain -
    Smell of air !

  • इन्द्र धनुष (Rainbow)

    Wind was blowing
    Sky was shameless -
    The rainbow !

  • प्यासी चरा (Thirsty Bird)

    Hot sky

    Sun is lonely there -
    Thirsty life !

  • नाच्ने माछा (Dancing Fish)

    Cold wind

    Jumping dancing fish -
    At Ramjhula !

  • भद्रगोल (Haphazard)

    Like protesters procession

    In migration -
    Cold season !

  • नयॉ वर्ष २०१६ (New Year 2016)

    Crimson Ganga

    Sun left the space -
    Entered the moon !

  • क्रिसमसको दिन (Christmas day)

    The month of December

    Morning to afternoon -
    Cold wave !

  • शून्य आकाश (Empty Sky)

    Empty sky

    Came autumn season -
    Soft wind !

  • उल्टी गंगा (Back water)

    Leaves flew

    Going Ganga (river) backwards -
    Birds then dropped !

  • नाकाबन्दी (Border blocked)

    At the border blocked

    Wonderful peaceful nation -
    God where are you ?

  • यो शरीर (This Body)

    By five elements

    Bent this body -
    Self enquiry !

  • तिहार पर्व (Tihar Festival)

    Tihar has come

    A lonely flower bloosemed -
    In foreign land !

  • परमानन्द (Bliss)

    Sweet wind

    As kiss and bliss -
    Ganga wave !

  • दशैं २०७२ (Dasain 2015)

    Oh! Dasain came

    Non- aligned non-stopping -
    It is flowing !

  • कालो चंद्रमा (Black Moon)

    Evening worship at Ganga

    Above the hill blown -
    Full moon !

  • परिवर्तन (Change)

    Taking bath at Ganga

    Wanted to hold water -
    Already flown away !

  • हरियो गंगा (Green Ganga)

    Water fragrance

    On Laxman suspension bridge -
    Green Ganga !

  • ताड़ीको रूख (The Palm Tree)

    At the bank of Ganga

    Renunciating its arm to grow-
    The palm tree !

  • नेपालको संविधान (Constitution of Nepal)

    Master Act

    Between zero-infinity
    Black state !

  • जनै पूर्णिमा (Janai Poornima)

    Mouth-burning beans-soup,

    Was really entertaining-
    Daughter & inlaw!

  • जनै पूर्णिमा (Janai Poornima)

    Soaked in rain

    In the name of culture -

    Harvesting the EGO !

  • एक्लोपन (Lonelyness)

    Uncompleted song

    On the melody of flute -

    Village is empty !

  • पहेँलो नरकट (Yellow Bulrush)

    Of bulrushes

    Even leaves dried up -

    in rainy season !

  • वर्षाको सारौं (Myna on monsoon)

    Monsoon morning

    Myna searching foods -

    Wet greenland !

  • गुरु पूर्णिमा (Masters Day)

    Masters day -

    Above the black cloud,

    Full moon !

  • स्वर्गको चरा (Bird of Paradise)

    Bird of paradise

    After rains at night -

    Ships  wool !

  • आकाश गङ्गा (The Galaxy)

    The Galaxy -

    A star dropped and

    Went back again !

  • बहिरो आँखा (Deaf Eye)

    Could not see

    Monsoon started -

    Sound of the rain ! 

  • भूकम्पपछिको आशा (Hope after Earthquake)

    Stars shining

    Above my courtyard -

    Wreckage !

  • बन्द जोवन (Uncreative Youth)

    My city

    On the Net inside the room -

    Uncreative youth !

  • काठ टोकुवा (Woodpeker)

    The dry season

    Looking for foods -

    Dead tree !

  • शिरीषको फूल (Blue Mimosa)

    Heat of summer

    Shadow of Mimosa

    Pair of Sparrow ! 

  • घामकिरी (Dragonfly)

    The dragonfly,

    Even the earth trembling -

    Carefree !

  • प्रजातन्त्र दिवश (Democracy Day)

    At martyrs stage,

    Speeches of leaders -

    Where is liberation ?

  • कल्पना ((Fantasy)

    Marijuana smoke

    Enlightened SHIVA -

    Artificial rain !

  • पछुवा हावा (Western Wind)

    Dry air blow

    She could not come -

    Thorny pain !

  • चैते बाँदर (Monkey in April)

    Monkey of April

    Fields are upset -

    falling snowballs !

  • माहाभूकप्प (Great Earthquake)

    ईशु अल्लाह

    शिवको धरोहर-

    गएछ कता?

  • ओसिलो जवानी (Dampened Youth)

    Winter has gone -

    The emptied youth

    Dampened !

  • दिगम्बर (Digambar)

    Oh! Digambar

    Happy chariot procession -

    Liberation is over here !

  • अँध्यारो होली (Dark Holi)

    By hand pump

    Colorfully painted sky -

    Door is closed !

  • नयाँ वर्ष, २०७२ (Happy New Year, 2072 B.S.)

    This New Year,

    Behind cloudy screen ....

    It is a SUN !

  • Spider Web

    At sunset time

    Within the spider web -

    Flock of birds !

  • Dark Tihar

    No-moon day tomorrow

    Where is the lightings -

    Inside Overcoat?

  • Snow Mountain

    Snow Cap

    Wearing by Mountain -

    Worn-out inner !

  • Cold Wind

    Soft sun

    There was a cold wave......

    Pigeon cried !

  • Waiting silently

    Am waiting

    Somebody may come -

    Alas they migrated !

  • Old and Young

    Evening crimson,

    Red-leaves garden 

    Energy of youth !

  • Falling Down

    Splashed everywhere

    In this bright night -

    All dreams !

  • Sunny Day

    Sun shining

    After the Cold Wave -

    Life blossoms !

  • Beyond Cloud

    Beyond the cloud

    there are no birds =

    I am flying !

  • Cold Wave

    Haphazard there -

    At the bank of Narayani river

    Cold wave !

  • Hot Budhda

    Shivering cold

    Within the party game -

    Buddha may loose temper !

  • Happy New Year 2015

    Speak nice things,

    Bring good news -

    Change your position.

  • Merry Christmas 2014

    Sun at Snow -

    Beautiful dream

    Simply well-wishes.

  • Lonelyness

    Cloud all over -

    Pitch dark night

    Alone in a crowd.

  • Love Birds

    Sandy winds -

    Hanging on electric wires

    Searching love

  • Dry Life

    With radiation

    Suffering Life

    Black burnt body

  • Siberian birds in Ganga

    Emerald coloured Ganga

    Covering blue sky here...

    Foreign birds

  • Meditation

    Winter rain

    Enlighten in cave -

    Sat Chida Nanda.

  • Migrated Bird

    On cold sun

    Ghyu Chaku and Laddu

    Outside the Country !

  • Shivaratri

    In Shivaratri

    Growing business,

    Naga in intoxication!

  • Buddha Poornima

    Terrible hot-

    Monk begs in silence

    Cool peace !

  • Happy Nepali New Year 2071 BS

    Flower blossoms

    At ancient garden

    Yes!  in this year

  • Poor Police

    Protested town,

    For this demanding tummy -

    The hawk eye !

  • Sakura Cleaner

    During May rain,

    Sakura of seven days-

    Same squirrel!

  • Flying cranes

    At Asakusha,

    For showing leading-

    Flying cranes!

  • Neat Workers

    Snow above,

    What happened there-

    Running ants !

  • Japanese Yogi

    Inside Midtown,

    Irrasaimase ne-

    Yogic Giraffe !

  • New Year, 2068

    In New year

    Needed crutch-

    Rain not needed.

  • Newspaper Seller

    Warm in winter,

    Sunshining the knowledge -

    Owl of daylight !

  • Curio Seller

    Light in daylight

    To please tourists

    Waiting hawk-way

  • Flower Girl

    Air with scent

    Enhancing spirituality

    Flying Butterfly!

  • Riksawala

    Hassle crowd

    To enjoy touring

    Strong Horse!

  • Fish Seller

    Stinking water

    Satisfying toungue

    Coloured frog!

  • Mason Labourer

    Dust & Sand

    To erect building

    Happy Ass!

  • Fruit Hawker

    On bi-cycle

    Thirsty customer

    Huge a cat!

  • Mo-bike Mechanics

    Rush and crowd

    To move easily

    Poor worm!

  • Bus Conductor

    Full speedy

    Towards destination

    Dropped birdie!

  • Old Shopkeeper

    On roadside

    Nuts-a sunny snack

    Loose-skin crocodile!

  • Junk-food Hawker

    Steamy Cloud

    Tickling tong

    Kuwan Kuwan of crowd!

  • Police at Crossroad

    Smoky cloud

    To save accidents

    Upright crane!


  • Dedicated Sweeper

    Dusty cloud

    Cleansing road always

    Asthmatic dog!

  • Shoe Maker at Footpath

    Muddy Road

    Shinning for Marriage

    Hunching Dove!

  • Un-dirty Living

    Masses of waste

    To subsistence income

    Leper Python!

  • Early Morning Loader

    Load at dew
    Carry otherís business
    Life of a worm!

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