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Dinesh Chapagain
About Me
My Mission
Unequivocally striving to improve life quality of people at individual, community, institutional, national and international level.

Industrial Experience and Achievements (22 years)
1968 to 1974 – As a floor level engineer at Mint department at Government of Nepal recorded highest production in 1971, which is itself a record till now. Initiated a culture of wearing uniforms at workplace for the first time in Nepal improving work life quality of workers.
1974 to 1985 – As an engineer and then mill manager at the largest (3000 workers) and the oldest (established-1936 ) industry of Nepal, Biratnagar Jute Mills Ltd. recorded highest production and sales revenue in 1983. Generated highest profit and distributed maximum bonus to the mill employees which is maximum in the history of the mill.
1985 to 1991 – As a Deputy General Manager at Bhrikuti Paper Mills Ltd. in Gaidakot created a record itself among any public limited corporation I Nepal to generate profit from the very first year of its operation (1987/88). Received Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu Padak National Work Excellence Award) in 1988 from King Birendra.
Consulting and Policy Research Experience and Achievements
1991 to 2006 –

Independently established a development and management consulting company, BISCONS which has completed more than 200 important projects on policy research, business consultations and human resources development.

  • Policy Research works – Various policy research works carried out. Few notable and supported by the respective agencies are: PPP led ICT enabled services at Rural Nepal (2006). Formation of National Welfare Fund for Labour in Nepal. Surfacing the ignored one: home based women workers (2001), Preparation of National Master Plan on Child Labour (2000). Situational Analysis of Child workers in Carpet and Brick Kilns in Kathmandu valley (1998), Fixing of Minimum Wages of Agricultural Workers (1999) A research on policy, regulatory and structural constraints on agri-enterprises in Nepal (1995),
  • Consulting services – Consulting services provided to various private & government organizations. Organization development of Necon Air Limited (1999), Gorkha Brewery Ltd., Jawalakhel Distillery P. Ltd., Brihaspati Vidyasadan, Biratnagar Jute mills Ltd., FNCCI, are some noteworthy one.
  • Advisor to Development Agencies - Involved as national consultant to various multilateral and bilateral development agencies. USAID, JICA, GTZ, ADB, the World Bank, UNDP and ILO are some noted agencies whom research and consulting jobs have been undertaken.
Teaching and Research Experience and Achievements
1979 to 2005 –

Started teaching activities in Tribhuban University at Master of Business Studies level in 1979 as adjunct faculty and joined Kathmandu University as full time faculty in 2001. During the period, taught graduate level management studies, took administrative and academic roles and carried out various research activities, presented papers at the conferences and published articles and books. Few achievements are:

  • Faculty at Kathmandu UniversityAwarded Professor of Management (2001) at School of Management (KUSOM) where taught Leadership, Industrial Analysis and Environment Scanning, Business Environment, Total Quality Management and Industrial Relations to MBA and Executive MBA students. Most notable is worked as Dean at School of Engineering (2002~2005).
  • Research Area– Conducted research on leadership personality, quality methodology, productivity and competitiveness. Most notable is Kano’s method experimented in identifying personality characteristics of Students (2003).
  • Publications – More than 50 papers published mainly on labour relations, productivity and quality management. Has also written and published a handy book in Nepali “Quality Circle ek Chinari”, collected and published productivity improvement tools and techniques, edited a training manual- Enhancing Competitiveness through Total Quality Management, written and published a book on new concepts on Guide to StudentsQuality Circles: An Approach to Prepare Total Quality People are some of the note worthy one.
  • Conferences and paper presentations – Has presented papers especially on leadership personality development, productivity and quality (TQM) and business environment in Nepal at regional and international conferences in Japan, Korea, Iran, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mauritius and Nepal. Students’ Quality Circles for Personality Development, Creating WOW Effect and Scripting on clean board rather than deskilling adults are some notable papers.
Service through Professional Societies
1970 till now –

Involved in civic and professional societies for learning and sharing knowledge since 1971. Initiated to form one society in 2004 collaborating with professionals, academicians, business managers and government officers with a goal of creating value through quality. Some noteworthy societies where involved are:

  • International Forum – Founder and Director General for Nepal of World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education, WCTQEE (1999) which is working to inculcate quality values among school students.
  • National Societies – Founder Chairman of QUEST-Nepal (Quality Circles in Education for Students’ Personality Development) which is promoting a new idea of Students’ Quality Circles (SQC) in academia which is involved in organizing annual National Conventions on Students’ Quality Circle (initiated since 2005). Founder Chairman of NQPCN (Network for Quality Productivity and Competitiveness-Nepal) with a vision of creating Value through Quality. Life member of Nepal Engineers Association, NEA (1971) and Management Association of Nepal, MAN (1981). Past president and Advisor of Nepal AOTS Alumni society NAAS (since, 1991) which is working for human resource development in technical and management area.
  • Business Association – Main architect for designing the FNCCI National Excellence Award, an award established in 2001 given annually to business organization of Nepal which exhibits excellence in performance. Special invitee of the Productivity and Quality Committee and Employees Council of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI)and Jury for four times to identify the organization for National Excellence award.
  • Management Development – Involved with National Productivity and Economic Development Centre (NPEDC), Management Association of Nepal (MAN), Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC), Public Administrative Association of Nepal (PAAN), Nepal German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (NGCCI) and Nepal Telecom as adjunct regularly faculty for training on quality, productivity and Leadership.
Awards and Recognitions (National)
1964 Vice Chancellor Medal from Tribhuwan University Chancellor King Mahendra.
1968 Mahendra Bidya Bhusan from King Mahendra.
1988 Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu from King Birendra.
Awards and Recognitions (Interantional)
2005 World Quality Leader from World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education (WCTQEE)
2010 Presidential Excellence Award from Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO)
2014 “Global Award for Outstanding Contribution to Quality and leadership” bestowed by the World Quality Congress and Awards (Asia Edition).
Basic Education
1960 – 1964 Graduation in Science from Tribhuvan University, Nepal with first class first receiving Vice-chancellor Medal from King Mahendra (1964).
1964 – 1968 Graduation in Engineering from Ranchi University, India with first class receiving Mahendra Bidya Bhusan from King Mahemdra (1968).
1979 – 1981 Post graduate degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand with excellent grade.
1993 – 1995 Doctoral Research in Values of Workers and Organizational Climate for Productivity Improvement at Banaras Hindu University, India.
1970 – 1996 Various trainings at India, Japan, UK and Nepal on Leadership, Total Quality Management, and Productivity
My Belief : With honesty, commitment, intelligence, hard working and teamwork, my mission will be successful.
Personal – Born on 17th November 1945 at Kathmandu in Nepal. Married and have one son and two daughters. Have visited United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Mauritius, Iran, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India.


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